Last Winter

Every winter’s gave her a reason to sleep. But this winter gave her a reason to laugh, stay happy, cry and know what love feels like and sometimes to feel nothing at all. Cold breeze, sharing beer ; social media made her realise you can get a beer partner too. Holding cold hands and walking down the streets, listening to The Smiths wanting to dance madly on an empty street. Street where she see nothing but shining stars and 2 moon..ahmm..he was her one moon and he had stars in his eyes.


I have been told to stop writing about you.

I have been told to stop writing about you. I have tried but couldn’t stop myself. Sitting in the corner at night, thinking about those eyes, that had a storm inside his eyes. Can move mountains from just words. I try my best to not write about you, but I end up staining the sheets with memories. I run from sunsets and stories, everything that brings me closer to you, I hold love under my tongue, but when it becomes a frail warrior it runs wild with life in the arms of our death. To stop writing about you, know that this is a war within a war for an ending that hasn’t died

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